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Having grown up in the South Carolina Lowcountry area, I’ve experienced the living history of Charleston. I was immediately drawn to its beauty, which led me to enroll in and eventually graduate from the College of Charleston in May 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. I have a passion for learning about different cultures and enjoy traveling, and there’s no doubt you can find the best hospitality in the world right here in Charleston. That's why I want to take the great experiences you have in the Lowcountry and infuse them into my website design and customer interactions. Let me give you a tour of some of my recent work.

Refreshing Portfolio
Giannis Pizza Website

Giannis Frostburg

The website for Giannis Pizza and Wings was overdue for a redesign. I decided to implement a cozy, modern design that reaches out to a wide variety of customers. I drew inspiration from the local demographic of the town including college students who want to order fast and older residents who may not be as computer literate. The three-column design with a strong focus on the menu and order options provides a user-friendly experience by keeping relevant information visible to the customer at all times. In mobile it condenses the three columns into one, and brings all important information up front for customers who may be in a hurry or on the go.

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Day9 Tribute Website

Day[9] Tribute Website

Built to showcase the accomplishments of Sean “Day[9]” Plott, and to introduce people to his positive streaming community. This is the first “real” website I developed, which proved to be an exciting challenge. The most daunting aspect of its creation was making the site responsive for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. I also wanted to design the website using a single-page layout with a smooth scrolling effect. In the past few years this design has greatly increased in popularity and is another practical design for mobile devices. All in all, it was exactly the learning experience I was looking for when stepping into website development.

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Sweetgrass Garden Website

Sweetgrass Garden

This website was built in a class I took focusing on writing for a target audience and developing marketing material for non-profit organizations. As such, the local non-profit Sweetgrass Garden with a mission to provide food for the hungry and teach self-sustainable farming needed a brochure, e-newsletter, and a website created for them. This website template was created using Wix, and lets the user sign up for the newsletter and link to donations.

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You're Website Here

Your Website Could Go Here

Here I will discuss the exciting and challenging components of the development process, and how I accomplished them. This section will also showcase ways in which the website has benefited the client, and link to the live version of their site.

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Web Desgin

I love developing sites that provide both a positive user experience and a solid representation of the business. I specialize working with small businesses, nonprofits, and personal websites developed responsively for desktop and mobile platforms.


Already have a beautiful website that looks great on desktops, but doesn’t quite have the same effect when viewed on a phone or tablet? I'll transform any new or existing website into one that is ready to be viewed from any device without reducing the quality of its appearance or usability.


During development I optimize the visibility of your website and its content by allowing your site to comply with search engines, thus increasing its ranking and overall traffic.

Social Media

Tired of your Tweets and Facebook posts going largely unnoticed because they all show up as boring links? Instead, have an enticing title, description, and image to go along with your social media posts to attract more viewers.

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